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The Legend of the Fox Shifter

Every earthly woman possesses the magical gift of the Fox. Occasionally, a woman taps into this gift to aid in her endeavours. However, should this gift be used for nefarious ends, it jeopardizes not just the loss of the gift but the woman's very existence.

  1. While exploring the sights of an unfamiliar city, a male tourist encounters street musicians. Enthralled by their music, he finds himself transported to another realm.

  2. Completely disoriented, he meets the Fox, assuming the form of a local girl, attempting to assist him with directions.

  3. The Fox falls in love with the man, yet he dismisses her affections.

  4. Unable to control herself, the Fox quarrels with him, and her consciousness is seized by the Malevolent Essence, the dark aspect of her nature. She's now split into two halves - good and evil.

  5. The Malevolent Essence tempts the Fox with the ability to control the man's soul and seizes her gift - her magical tail.

  6. Acquiring this magical power, the Malevolent Essence mimics the manners and grace of her rival, the good half. However, in pursuing the man, she realizes she can only win his soul by fully embodying the beautiful and alluring form of the Fox.

  7. Using dark magic, the Malevolent Essence turns the Fox into a puppet and, assuming her form, ensnares the man, exploiting the temptations of his masculine nature. The man cannot resist this new incarnation of the Fox and falls in love.

  8. Their desire leads to mutual confession, romantic walks, and eventually, intimate relations.

  9. At the moment the man surrenders himself completely, the Fox, under the control of the Malevolent Essence, rips his soul from him. The Malevolent Essence triumphs, claiming his soul and now playing with two puppets - the Fox and the man. In a contemptuous moment, she even throws the Fox her own tail.

  10. Left alone, the Fox regains consciousness through her tail and realizes she has been deceived and used.

  11. Meanwhile, the Malevolent Essence gathers stolen human souls, taking along the compliant and soulless man, planning to forever leave earthly bounds.

  12. The Fox stops them, pleading for the man's soul to restore his feelings.

  13. The two halves - the Fox and her Malevolent Essence - argue about love. Who does the man love? The Fox demands the truth, to return his soul.

  14. Resorting to trickery, the Malevolent Essence hands over other souls that cannot reignite the man's feelings. Desperate, the Fox realizes the man's soul still belongs to her adversary. So, the Fox wrenches her own soul and gives it to the Malevolent Essence in exchange for the man's true soul. The man returns from oblivion. He sees, feels, and loves... loves the Fox, who, sacrificing her soul for love, can exist no more."

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