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The Legend of Huli

Inspired by Eastern Asian Celestial Fox myths, the show tells the story of a celestial fox who descends to Earth and proceeds to cause trouble by creating transformations that are both universal and understandable to audiences from different cultural backgrounds. 

The show is a one-of-a-kind fusion of ancient legends and contemporary dance and music ranging from baroque to flamenco, jazz, world music, and modern classics. It features both original and blended arrangements.

Inspiration for the show is drawn from age-old Chinese fox legends and moulding them into a contemporary fairy tale narrative. The focal point is the music composed specifically for this project, intertwined with choreography and a light show.

The interaction between the musicians and dancers is a key artistic element of the Legends of Huli project. The musicians who play various instruments also take on the roles of performers. They engage in a lively dialogue with the dancers on stage, enhancing the actions and emotions of the show. This fusion of musical skill and acting ability creates a unique experience for audiences, transporting them to a world of legends and emotions.

Prior to the show performing in Europe a preview of the show was held  on May 8th, 2023,  in the City Play House in Thornhill, Ontario.  It garnered very positive reviews including by Paul J. Youngman from That Canadian Magazine, "A performance of delight that is as if emerging from a dream."

Legend of Huli poster


Roman Smirnov, Artistic Director, Composer, Instrumentalist

An award-winning artist performing classical and flamenco virtuoso guitar styles, as well as a producer, arranger, and composer. 

Roman’s compositions have an emphasis on emotional, energetic, and innovative expressions from many cultures and traditions in music. He is inspired by various epochs and genres, from baroque to jazz, folk music, and rock music. 

Roman Smirnov

Artistic Director, Composer, Instrumentalist (Guitar)

Alexandre Marine, Director.

An award-winning actor-director-playwright based in Montreal. Alexandre’s artistic career commenced at Oleg Tabakov’s renowned theatre in Moscow. Over the span of two decades, he has graced stages as a director across prominent cultural hubs, including New York, Tokyo, Montreal, and Cape Town.

Alexandre’s award-winning productions encompass “The Blue Rose,” an adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ classic “The Glass Menagerie” and “…the Itsy Bitsy Spider…,” a rendition drawn from Dostoevsky’s ‘Demons,’ which earned the title of Best of Baltimore in 2010. His achievements also include “Marie Stuart,” distinguished as the Best Montreal production of the 2007–2008 season, and “Amadeus,” celebrated as the Best English-language production of the 2006–2007 season.

Alexandre Marine


Nina Zaslavsky, Producer

Nina Zaslavsky, has dedicated over 12 years to engaging with various communities.  She served a diverse constituency as a staff member to a City of Toronto Councillor and as a volunteer event organizer. Her passion for community engagement through arts and culture events has resulted in remarkable cultural experiences that bridge gaps and foster an understanding between our diverse communities in Canada.


A Community Arts Development and Engagement Professional who brings over a decade of hands-on experience organizing arts and culture events alongside two decades of expertise in international and domestic project management and fundraising. Nina was a driving force behind citywide and international festivals and concerts, and she earned widespread acclaim for her instrumental role in the success of the Earl Bales Art and Music Festival.

Nina Zaslavsky



Wen Zhao, Pipa

An acclaimed pipa virtuoso, “a sensitive and lyrical performer.” Wen has appeared at major music festivals worldwide, touring in China, Europe, Canada, and the USA, and has given solo recitals on many concert series and at universities. In recent years, she has collaborated with some of the world’s top Western ensembles. 

Wen is especially honoured to be one of the featured musicians for the CBC award-winning documentary film The Four Seasons Mosaic. The Toronto Star described her as “a virtuoso player who displayed her dexterity and percussive skills on the pipa,” while a reviewer in Whole Note magazine described her as “the Jimi Hendrix of the pipa.”

Wen Zhao


Zhenya  is a renowned Ukrainian-Mexican cellist who has earned international recognition for her talent and skill. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, she began her musical studies at the age of 5. Later, she continued her studies with renowned music professors at Stolyarsky Special Music School. She excelled on both the piano and cello and gave her first recital at just nine years old.

 Zhenya eventually pursued a musical career in Mexico, performing as a soloist with several orchestras. She also worked as a co-principal and principal cellist in various orchestras, including the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Odessa, Ukraine. Zhenya has completed her Master's in music performance and research at Valencia International University and holds a Bachelor's in Music Pedagogy from Mykolaiv State Pedagogical University in Ukraine. She has also attended master classes with prominent teachers such as Wolfgang Laufer, Richard Markson, and Reinmar Seidler. Notably, she was awarded the MuseAid Fellowship in El Salvador. Since her arrival in Canada last year, Zhenya continues to captivate audiences with her emotive interpretations of the classical repertoire. She collaborates with local orchestras and chamber musicians, and her talent has earned her international recognition in the form of invitations to perform at concert events, recitals, and festivals worldwide. Her passion for music is apparent in every performance, and her dedication to her craft is unwavering.

Zhenya Kobylyanska


Zhenya Kobylyanska, Cello


A Classical and Contemporary Ballet Dancer who received classical training at the Kyiv State Ballet College in Ukraine and worked at Ballet à l’Opéra of the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, featuring in the most famous productions.

Roman Nesterov

Roman Nesterov, Choreographer, Dancer

A Classical and Contemporary Ballet Dancer. Karolina received her education at the world-famous Vaganova Ballet Academy. She has performed in the most acclaimed shows at the Mariinsky Theatre and Konstantin Chaikin’s Theatre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 

Karolina Nesterova

Karolina Nesterova, Dancer
Hayley Ng, Dancer

Hayley is an emerging professional dancer, and physiotherapist. She trained in pre-professional ballet and launched her professional dance career during her master’s, where she performed in various settings and performances across Ontario. Earlier this year, she was selected as an artist from across Canada to be featured in the Digital Shortworks festival in Stratford. She aspires to combine her passions in dance and rehabilitation science in her future career. 

Hayley Ng

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